-10% Hilborn IR Manifold + Terminator X EFI System for Big Block Chevrolet

Hilborn? With Holley EFI? Wow!

Say what you will about Holley's tendency to buy up so many of the companies in our industry--It has given new life to some epic brands. And there can be no better example than Hilborn.

Long before Holley bought Hilborn we were getting inquiries about Hilborn systems that were already on engines as well as the potential for new installations being converted to EFI. And while converting one of the classic versions with mechanical injection over to electronic fuel injection is doable, few possess either the talent or the budget that would be required to do such a thing.

Holley changed all of that by purchasing Hilborn and making it part of their Holley EFI brand. Now you can buy a complete Hilborn EFI system with Terminator X EFI for your Big Block Chevy engine. And we suspect more engine combinations are coming.

What's included in this system?

The Hilborn IR Manifold + Terminator X EFI System for Big Block Chevrolet includes these two kits.

Click on each kit, above, to learn more details, but be sure to come back here to order as a nice discount applies for buying these together as a system.

What else will I need?

In addition to the Big Block Chevrolet engine itself, you will need the following:

  • EFI-capable Fuel System: Good news--we specialize in these. Visit our Fuel Systems category page to learn more about the various tank systems, pump modules, presssure regulators and more that are available.
  • Hilborn Valley Cover: Available as an additional option when ordering this system, see ordering options above
  • Hilborn Ram Tubes: Select from different diameters, lengths, and materials
    (Ram tubes, shown in the images above, are not included.)

Also recommended:

What else should I know?

In a departure from other Terminator X kits, the Universal Terminator X MPFI Kit PN 550-718 included in this Hilborn system does not include a 3.5-inch touchscreen display nor does it include any sort of setup wizard to build a baseline configuration. In fact, at this writing, Holley has not even written any documentation for this particular Terminator X kit, although an installation guide is available for the manifold kit. It is, therefore, incumbent upon the installer to know what he or she is doing.

I would point out that, at this point, where you buy matters. You can buy this from any number of big-box auto part retailers and get the support they provide--which is to say, zero. You can call Holley for support, and if you call during their operational hours (and are willing to wait) you will generally get outstanding help answering specific questions and solving problems you may face.  In general, they are not going to build a configuration file for your application.

But for the exact same price you can buy from EFI System Pro and get our Level 3 Plantinum Technical Support package for free. This means that not only will you get the same level of support that Holley provides but we'll build an initial configuration file and talk you through uploading that onto your Terminator X ECU. Then for two full years we're available to you not only during business hours but nights and weekends too. Our success is dependent on your success. It is upon this level of customer support that we have built our business, and our reputation speaks for itself.

And if I have questions now?

So many great ways to get answers! For a quick pre-sales question during business hours, click on the Sales Support fly-out at the right of this page, or use the Contact Us form to email us a question. We generaly respond to emailed questions within a few business hours at most. Or, if you'd really like the royal treatment, request one of our Personalized EFI System Recommendations to get a detailed listing of every component you will need to be successful installing this Hilborn EFI Terminator X System into your specific application--usually right down the the last hose clamp. No cost or obligation--it's just what we do at EFI System Pro!

Review this product documentation before you buy!

Manifold Installation Instructions
Hilborn EFI Terminator X System for Big Block Chevrolet

Boost ControlYes (Requires Additional Hardware)
DIS OutputsEight
FamilyTerminator X
Fueling StrategySpeed Density, Alpha-N, or Combination
Includes Power HarnessYes
Injector DriversEight High Impedance
Internal DataloggingNo. All datalogging done via external device (handheld, laptop, digital display.)
Nitrous ControlYes (Requires Additional Hardware)
Number of CylindersEight
User Configurable I/OYes
User-Selectable MAP StorageNo
Water-Methanol ControlNo
Displays And Controllers
CAN Bus CapableYes (Specific to Holley Terminator X ECUs Only)
Data LoggingYes (using Terminator X PC Softare)
Internal StorageSD Card storage only when using optional displays with SD card. No display included in this system
Harness TypePower Harness, Main Harness, Injector Sub-Harness, I/O Harness, Ignition Adapter.
TypeECU-mounted 1 BAR MAP, Wideband O2
Also IncludedI/O Harness
ApplicationBig Block Chevrolet Engine--Standard or Tall Deck
Emission Code3 - This part is legal for sale and use on Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles and Racing Use Only Vehicles.
Unit of SaleKit

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Hilborn IR Manifold + Terminator X EFI System for Big Block Chevrolet

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