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-51% Holley EFI Dual-Quad Terminator Injector Harness

This harness allows you to add a second Terminator throttle body to your single throttle body setup--with some important caveats.

First, you have no place to connect this connector on your main harness.  To use it, you will need to partially disassemble your main harness, terminate four wires (not included) with the appropriate Superseal connector pins (not included), insert them into the SuperSeal connector J1B, and work the wires into the harness from there out to the location of the existing Terminator bulkhead connector.  Then, add the appropriate GT150 pins (not included) and insert them into a 6-position GT150 female connector (not included.)  Terminate a fifth wire for power with the appropriate GT150 pin, and solder that into place.  Then reassemble the harness to standard, including using the appropriate cavity plug (not included) in the unused GT150 connector postion.  Finally, use the Holley software to make the appropriate configuration changes so that these injectors will be fired by the ECU in addition to the primary four injectors.

Or, you can just let us do that.  If you select "Professional Setup" will will completely build-out your main harness to accept this dual-quad injector harness, build a  twin terminator global configuration file for your specific application, pay for shipping to you both the dual-quad injector harness and your main harness, and provide whatever consultation you might need on the installation and setup.

We just want to make sure that we don't imply that by purchasing this harness you can add a second throttle body because it's not quite that simple.  We have built these harnesses for several customers and have produced amazing results.

Harness TypeInjector Harness (TBI Application)
ApplicationHolley Terminator Additional Injector Connector
Length20 inches from main connector to closest injector connector pair. 34 inches from main connector to farthest injector connector pair. 18 inches between injector connector pairs.
Unit of SaleEach

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Holley EFI Dual-Quad Terminator Injector Harness

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