Ignition Harnesses

Ignition Harnesses

What a hassle it would be to create your own ignition harness. Holley knows that, and that's why they offer a these pre-terminated ignition harnesses. Connects directly to the ignition connector on the main harness. Finished harnesses are available for a broad range of applications (HEI, GM LS1 or LS2, Ford TFI, and more) as well as universal coil-on-plug harnesses and unterminated ignition harnesses.

GM LS Engine Note: Don't see an injector harness for the LS? That's because the Holley LS main harnesses connect directly to the crank sensor, cam sensor, and the OE even and odd coil harnesses

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Connector Harness, Sniper EFI to Holley Dual-Sync Distributor

If you are using a Holley Dual-Sync Distributor with your Sniper EFI System this adapter harness mak..

$33.06 $29.75

Connector Harness, Terminator EFI to Holley HyperSpark Distributor V2

The new Holley HyperSpark was designed to work with the Sniper EFI System with no adapter.  But..

$28.28 $25.45

Rotor Phasing Kit for Sniper Ignition Control

ECU-controlled ignition timing control is far superior to standard mechanical and vacuum-based ignit..

$47.24 $42.52