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Custom EFI Component Selection Course Guide


In this series of courses, we are going to provide the student with a step-by-step guide to selecting each and every component required for their specific Holley EFI system. This is somehwat different than a very similar (and excellent) guide provided by Holley. That guide, however, is more focused on what Holley-manufactured components are required or optional. We go a bit further and provide insight on using components that may already exist in your car or sourcing other brands when a Holley-provided solution is not available.


This is a series of 16 courses. There is no pre-requisite or requirement to take these in order--watch the courses that most apply to your particular situation. We hope you enjoy this and will provide us with feedback where we can do better.


Step 1: Choose ECU In this class, we will look at the differences between the Holley HP and Dominator ECU's and provide guidance in selecting the correct ECU for your long-term needs.


Step 2: Choose Main Harness Holley offers a growing number of different harnesses, from harnesses with only ECU-end connectors to complete plug-and-play solutions for a narrow range of popular applications. Tips to help you select the right one for your requirements


Step 3: Choose Trigger Source This will doubtless be one of the most popular of the series. For a majority of applications, the timing trigger source is the most significant challenge of the entire project.


Step 4: Choose Ignition Having selected your trigger source, you can now identify the best ignition for your system. Some who are comfortable with their existing capacitive-discharge style ignition will simply choose to stick with that. For those who prefer for the Holley EFI ECU to control their timing other options are available, including wastefire and full sequential-fire ignition.


Step 5: Choose Ignition Harness Holley has really made the connection to the ignition of your choice easy. In this course we walk you through your choices in ignition harnesses.


Step 6: Choose Fuel Injectors Holley makes fuel injector selection pretty much a slam dunk decision--provided they will physically fit in your application. In this course we will talk through the benefits of the Holley-branded fuel injectors and will discuss what you should consider if those are not going to work for you.


Step 7: Choose Injector Harness Like with their selection of ignition harnesses, Holley has gone all-out to make sure they provide just about any injector harness you could possibly need, from plug-and-play to completely unterminated, do-it-yourself.


Step 8: Choose Sensors Here is another course that we expect will be broadly watched. Can you use your existing sensors? Should you use your existing sensors? What are the pros and cons? Watch this course and find out. Everything from O2 sensors, air temperature, oil pressure, fuel pressure, knock sensor, and more.


Step 9: Choose Fuel System Lots of material is covered here. In some cases, you may find that the existing fuel system (pump, filters, and regulator) ies adequate for you requirements. Or maybe you are starting from scratch and need to build everything. This course is intended to point you in the right direction on fuel systems.


Step 10: Choose Transmission Control This is the first of a series of "optional" courses. You only need to watch this if you have the Dominator ECU and plan to use one of the transmissions that ECU can control.


Step 11: Choose DBW Throttle Components Does your engine of choice include Drive-By-Wire throttle bodies? Or would you like to add DBW throttle bodies and pedals to your new project? We'll talk you through what components are required.


Step 12: Choose Boost Control We are not overstating the Holley EFI capability when we say that it has the most advanced boost control technology on the market today. Don't believe it? This course provides an overview to what components are required and the overall capabilities of this amazing feature.


Step 13: Choose Water Meth Components You may be familiar with the fascinating physics and incredible advantages to water-methanol injection. Why buy an add-on controller when the Holley EFI system offers an unprecedented level of precision and control to this performance technology.


Step 14: Choose Gauges Choosing a Holley EFI ECU system doesn't only mean that you get access to a mind-blowing level of onboard datalogging that can be downloaded after the race, but you can watch this same data in a broad range of display types in real time. We run though the various gauges and monitors available to you in this course.


Step 15: Choose Auxiliary Harness One of the biggest advantages of the Holley EFI over competitors is its ability to monitor and control custom inputs and outputs. In this course we review the optional harnesses that make adding inputs and outputs a breeze.


Step 16: Choose Other Accessories This course is mostly a catch-all to make sure you're aware of the many cool and convenient accessories for your Holley EFI system This includes the multi-map selector, which is a key-switched map selector that allows you to set and lock things like valet or teen driver mode.

Custom EFI Component Selection Step 2: Choose Main Harness

Custom EFI Component Selection Step 2: Choose Main Harness

Chris Myer 12/8/15 0
Overview First, DON'T PANIC! It is entirely unlikely that you will require a fully unterminated, build-it-yourself harness like the one shown in the image on the left. Holley does offer those but we only recommend those in extremely rare cases. More ...
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Custom EFI Component Selection Step 1: Choose ECU

Custom EFI Component Selection Step 1: Choose ECU

Chris Myer 05/20/15 0
Overview The first and most basic choice when building a Holley EFI system is the selection of the ECU. In this course, we will review the different types of Holley EFI ECU's, discuss the differences, and will give some guidelines to assist the stude...
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