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-10% Sniper EFI System Replacement SD Card

Update:  We are now offering SD cards for both the Sniper and Sniper 2 EFI System.  The cards are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!  If you have a Sniper, don't order the card for the Sniper 2.

Need a new SD card for your Sniper EFI System?  This is exactly what you're looking for.

The Sniper EFI System comes with an SD card inserted into its handheld touchscreen LCD monitor.  But sometimes those things get left in a computer or otherwise lost.  No worries--this will plug right in place and work like a champ!

We offer several different firmware versions but, in most cases, you can safely order and use the very latest version.  When you insert this into your handheld for the first time it will re-flash your firmware to the indicated version.  You should then backup your Sniper configuration, reflash the ECU firmware, and re-install the configuration.  All of this is discussed in the included instructions (see below.)

A tip: If you have your SD card but want to install the latest firmware update to your Sniper, it is not necessary to purchase this card except for convenience. You can go to this link, download the SD Card Contents, unzip them, and move them onto the SD card (after saving any datalogs or configuration files that you might want to keep.) But since folks do lose these occasionally, and others simply don't want to hassle with creating a new SD card, we wanted to make it easy to order a replacement that is ready to go.

If no version is selected we will send the very latest version available. Otherwise, select the version that you need. If you don't see the firmware version you need then contact us and we'll help figure out what version you have and what you need. If you want to know more about upgrading the Sniper SD Card and the versions available, be sure to check out this article we wrote on our EFI Pro Hangout.

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

 Installation & Configuration GuideSniper EFI System Replacement SD

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Sniper EFI System Replacement SD Card

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