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-10% EFI Fuel Tank System, 1968-70 EL Camino

Why hassle with a custom or universal fuel system when you can install a brand new fuel tank system into your 1968-70 EL Camino with a 255 LPH EFI-style fuel pump and return fuel fitting. Supports up to 630 HP (@ 60 PSI at 13.5 Volts / 10.4 AMP draw.) Tank size is 39-1/4 x 24-1/2 x 7-3/4 inches. This 20 gallon fuel tank is made for gasoline only (No E85, no diesel.)  Full Detailed Specifications Below!

Choose from Tanks Inc® or Holley® Sniper EFI™ brands.

A Word About Fuel Pump Selection

We offer a broad range of fuel pumps for your EFI fuel tank system. Select a fuel pump that flows as much fuel as you require. Remember that lower-flowing pumps tend to be quieter and can have somewhat longer life expectancies. All of these pumps are manufactured by Walbro / TI Automotive, who ranks in the top 5 OE-quality fuel pump manufacturers in the world. You will not find a better fuel pump at this price and quality combination. Some notes:

  • The 255 LPH Pump is the BEST choice in most cases and can feed up to 650 HP at 60 PSI (Naturally aspirated, Gasoline.) If that is you then pick the 255.
  • The 255 LPH pump is a gerotor pump and is not PWM Compatible. This means FiTech EFI System owners should be sure to disable the PWM feature if selecting this pump.
  • To estimate how much fuel flow you require multiply your maximum expected flywheel horsepower by .38 (naturally aspirated engines) or .47 (boosted or sprayed engines). Example: If you are hoping to make 650 flywheel HP on motor only then you will need 650*.38 = 247 LPH of gasoline.
  • Pumps flow is rated at 43 PSI. To estimate the flow at 60 PSI multiply the rated flow by 90-95%.
  • The 190 LPH pump is a low-pressure pump that works directly with GM TBI applications and can work with carbureted applications if properly return-style regulated.  It will not work with standard EFI as it ceases to flow fuel at a bit over 30 PSI.
  • Pumps flowing 340 LPH and above are DC/SS pumps and are PWM compatible.
  • The 430 LPH Pump is E-85 Compatible but these EFI Tank Systems are approved for use with gasoline only. Use your best judgement on how to proceed with that.
  • Pumps flowing 340 LPH and above are difficult to fit in the TM34-series tanks for GM A-Body vehicles built between 1968 and 1972. This is due to the shallow nature of this tank and the height of the pump. If you order one of these we will include an extra-thick neoprene gasket to space the pump off the floor of the tank and wish you much luck. If you receive this and decide it's not going to work BEFORE installing the pump we will gladly exchange the pump for a 255 LPH pump. If you install it then we will be glad to sell you a replacement 255 lph pump. In general we do not recommend using anything but the 255 lph pump in this tank.
  • Notched versions of the TM34-series tanks for GM A-Body vehicles built between 1968 and 1972 are DEEPER than stock and do not have the same limitaion on fuel pump height. If have one of these vehicles and you need more fuel than the 255 LPH pump can offer and a notched tank is available then get the notched version.

Be sure to watch this great video Holley did on their Sniper EFI Fuel Tank System:

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Setup Guide
Sniper EFI Conversion Fuel Tanks

Fluid Fittings
Inlet Size1/4 NPT Female
Outlet Size1/4 NPT Female
Fuel Tanks
Capacity20 Gallons
Drain PlugNo
Fuel Pumps
Flow Rate (GPH)63 GPH (Standard) 85 GPH (Optional) 29 GPH (Optional. Low Pressure / TBI)
Flow Rate (LPH)255 LPH (Standard) 400 LPH (Optional) 109 LPH (Optional. Low Pressure / TBI)
Fuel SystemEFI
Fuel TypeGasoline (No E-85)
Fuel Filters
Element MaterialDepth Media
Filter TypeIn-Tank Sock Filter
Micron Filtration40 micron
Harness Pigtail IncludedNo (Not required--Convenient mounting lugs)
Range0-90 Ohms
TypeSwing-Arm Rheostat
Also IncludedStraps, Fuel Pump with Filter Sock, Sending Unit, Fuel Pump Module Hanger
Application1968-70 EL Camino
Emission Code3
Height7-3/4 Inches
Length39-1/4 Inches
MaterialPowdercoated Steel
Unit of SaleEach
Width24-1/2 Inches

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EFI Fuel Tank System, 1968-70 EL Camino

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