EFI System Pro EFI Technical Sales Specialist: Scott Evans

Meet Scott Evans, EFI System Pro’s new EFI Technical Sales Specialist!

The EFI System Pro team is growing and we are excited to bring our customers an even greater EFI buying experience by adding Scott Evans to the sales and technical support team of our company. Scott brings over 10 years of EFI tuning experience and custom turbo kit fabrication to the team. His tuning experience includes Hondata, Honda Tuning Suite, TunerPro, AEM EMS, Megasquirt, and Haltec. Scott gained this experience while owning and operating his own business selling turbo parts, tuning EFI systems, and providing dyno tuning services.

Scott is excited to join the team at EFI System Pro and to expand his experience with EFI through the Holley line of EFI systems. His years of adapting EFI systems and parts to provide custom solutions and aftermarket enhancements will be a great asset to car enthusiasts looking to get the absolute most out of an EFI solution.

Scott’s passion for cars goes back to his early teenage years racing RC cars and later developing into drag racing as he grew older. He has participated in the Grassroots Motorsports $2000 Challenge in Gainesville, FL four times, which includes finishing highest for a one-person team and 4th overall in 2012. His passion for all types of motorsport led him to work for several years as a Redbull race plane mechanic doing mechanical fuel injection setup and calibration.

Scott is a life-long native of St. Augustine, FL. He enjoys life on the East coast with his girlfriend, Heather, and her two daughters. They enjoy traveling together and taking motorcycle rides to find hole-in-the-wall restaurants and live music. As a bass guitarist, himself, Scott enjoys playing the occasional gig with a band in the local clubs. In an effort to keep active, he recently got back into BMX bike skatepark riding after a 20-year break from the sport.