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-10% Sniper EFI Throttle Lever Extension

Several customers  have mentioned that their Holley Sniper EFI System's linkage has a very aggressive throttle linkage that makes smooth starts off the line difficult at best.  Some, with high HP engines, say they find it almost impossible to start without chirping the tires!

For years we offered the Demon 1952 throttle extension, which did the job but just wasn't quite the right part. But recently Holley introduced this Sniper-specific throttle lever extension and it's a huge improvement!  By extending the length of the linkage it makes the pedal movement much smoother and easier to control.  Cuts linkage load as felt by throttle pedal by 45%  Be sure to check air cleaner clearance after installation. A spacer for the air cleaner may be required since this lengthens the lever arm in the direction of the air cleaner assembly.

No Instructions?

It surprises some folks that an instruction sheet isn't included in this kit. While it would be nice, realize that in the linkage world there is no such thing as "one size fits all". Even though this lever was designed specifically for the Sniper linkage, the number of different permutations of throttle and transmission linkage are simply beyond comprehension. And that's before you throw in various aftermarket cruise control systems. For that reason, linkage components like this tend to be offered as raw materials that make it possible to accomplish your purpose.

The first thing to realize is that you most likely will not use all of the fasteners that are included in this kit. In fact, you may not use any of them. The picture below shows one possible use of the fasteners to attach the linkage extension lever to the Sniper linkage arm. As you see, we've only used two, one through the hole where the throttle cable is normally attached and the second through the hole that is specified for a 700R4 transmission TV cable. The pictured solution would be perfect if you don't have any TV cable to connect, or if you can use the second TV cable hole. If you have a 700R4 then you'd likely want to use the ball or stud you currently have in that hole to attach the extension lever into the 700R4 hole. Then you can attach your TV cable there.

Sniper Linkage (Before Adding Extension)Sniper Linkage with Extension Added (One Config)
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Sniper EFI Throttle Lever Extension

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