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-10% Holley OE-Style Fuel Tank Module, 1978-1982 Chevrolet Corvette

So, you're making the switch to EFI.  Or maybe you're stepping into an LS Swap.  But your carbureted fuel tank in your 1978-1982 Chevrolet Corvette was never built to accommodate an in-tank pump or a return fuel line.  Everyone is telling you that you need a return fuel line and that an in-tank pump is better than an inline pump.  What to do?

Holley has solved this problem for you.  This absolutely revolutionary product allows you to simply, safely, and professional install an in-tank pump into your stock fuel tank.  Further, it incorporates a 58 PSI fuel pressure regulator INSIDE THE TANK so no return line is require whatsoever.  And at a FRACTION of the cost of most EFI pump/regulator solutions.  PERFECT!

This module includes a 255 LPH high-pressure capable EFI Fuel Pump, capable of supporting naturally aspirated engines up to 670 horsepower or boosted applications up to 540 HP.  In addition, you get a brand-new fuel level sender, made to be plug-and-play compatible with your factory fuel level gauge.  And to top it off, the unit comes with a fuel pickup made of Holley's highly acclaimed Hydramat material.  This means that it will pick up ever last drop of fuel in the tank that it is able to touch, even if most of the pickup is above the fuel level.  Amazing!  Fuel outlet size is 3/8-inch to match the hard line under your Corvette.

What About That Vent Line?

This OE-Style module is different from the others released by Holley to date in that it has a vent line. (No, that isn't a return line--fuel is returned from the fuel pressure regulator located inside the tank.) Unfortunately, as of this writing, Holley has not released an instruction manual online so that you can see that. But our inside contact at Holley offered these recommendations for connecting the vent line:

"This unit has a 3/8 fuel outlet. The other line is a vent. For a racier installation it just needs to be ran to an external vent above the fuel tank level preferably with an anti-rollover valve, I have had some folks running the factory EVAP canister vent line to this port as well and creating a mild passive EVAP system by running from tank to canister to a barb fitting inside the air filter area. Helps on keeping fuel fumes down when stored in an enclosed area and moisture out of the tank."

So there are two options for you. If you prefer just to run a anti-rollover valve you will see one is available above as an option.

Now available with 350 LPH Fuel Pump!

When originally introduced this module was available with the TI Automotive 255 LPH fuel pump. And that was an perfect selection for engines making up to a bit over 600 HP NA (or boosted applications up to about 500 HP.) I t worked paired nicely with the original Sniper EFI System with four 100 PPH injectors that maxed out right about there. But if you stepped up to the eight-injector Sniper, or to the XFlow with the bigger 120 PPH injectors this otherwise perfect solution was off the table.

Well, with the release of the new TI Automotive 350 LPH fuel pump the OE module is back on the table. Opt for the 350 LPH pump on your module and you can now support NA horsepower levels of 800 HP (NA) or 650 HP (boosted.) A great choice!

Do You Have What You Need To Install This Module?

This OE-Style Fuel Tank Module Installation Kit will save you time and money by ensuring you have exactly what you need to install this module with most EFI systems that feature a -6AN fuel feed and return (including the Sniper and Terminator EFI Systems.)

Watch These Videos!

Not one but TWO great videos from Holley to provide details and installation specifics (*Note* The 12-313 is a uniquely designed OE module when compared to others and installation will vary from what is shown):

Fuel Pressure Regulators
Pressure Range58 PSI (Fixed)
StyleIn-Tank Return
Fuel Pumps
Flow Rate (GPH)67
Flow Rate (LPH)255
Fuel SystemEFI
Fuel TypeGasoline (Only)
Fuel Filters
Filter TypePre-Filter
Filtration Level15 Micron
ApplicationChevrolet Corvette 1978-1982
OEM ReplacementNo
Unit of SaleEach

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Holley OE-Style Fuel Tank Module, 1978-1982 Chevrolet Corvette

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