-10% MAP Sensor, 3.5 Bar

Want to use this sensor as an external sensor for your Super Sniper or Sniper Stealth 4500 EFI System, replacing the factory internal sensor? It's easy! You will need to use the Sniper Software to do this configuration change:

1. Navigate to System Parameters (third icon from the left) and click on "EFI Parameters". Under "EFI System", make sure that System Type is correctly set to Super Sniper 4 Inj, Super Sniper 8 Inj, or Sniper 4500. (Note: This won't work with the standard Sniper or the Sniper 2300.)

2. Next, navigate to the Sensors (second icon from the left) and click on your choice of Custom #1, #2, or #3 (any custom sensor that is not being used will work fine.) Check "Enable" and then choose Holley 35bar SS from the Sensor Type. Finally, change the Input from "Unassigned" to any of the available sensor inputs (Input #3, #4, or #5.)

3. Now, navigate back to System Parameters > EFI Parameters and change the Map Sensor to which ever custom sensor you just enabled in step 2, above (Custom #1, #2, or #3.)

4. Finally, navigate to Sensors > MAP. At the top you will see a scale that goes from 0 to 250 (default.) Change the 250 to 350 and hit . Now, right-click on that same cell (that now contains 350) and left click "Fill Row Values". All of the values across the scale will evenly spread from 0 to 350.

Note that at this point you can set the low warning and caution and high warning and caution values to whatever makes sense for you situation. Likewise, you can setup safeties, for example cutting the ignition or retarding the timing if the MAP is higher than a given amount for a given time.

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Instruction Sheet
Holley Pressure Transducers

Fitting1/8 Inch NPT Male
Harness Pigtail IncludedYes
Range0 to 350 kPa (0-3.5 BAR)
ApplicationPlug-And-Play Compatible with All Holley ECU's
Emission Code3
OEM ReplacementNo
Unit of SaleEach

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MAP Sensor, 3.5 Bar

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