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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunity: Automotive EFI Technical Sales Specialist

EFI System Pro is in search of an experienced EFI system sales specialist to lead the company’s sales revenue generation. The person in this position needs to have considerable experience installing and troubleshooting aftermarket EFI systems. This is a sales position, so outstanding written and oral communication and sales experience are also expected.

Company Background

EFI System Pro is part of Cyberspace Automotive Performance, Inc., a family of automotive performance e-commerce websites based in Palm Bay, Florida. CyberAuto was the sole US distributor for FJO Racing Electronics from that company's founding until 2010. When FJO was acquired by Holley Performance Products to become what is now Holley EFI it was natural that CyberAuto continue to offer these products. Rather than simply add Holley EFI products to one of the existing CyberAuto websites, an EFI-specific web entity was created: EFI System Pro.

Since then, EFI System Pro has become wildly successful and is rather broadly recognized as the single best resource for pre-sales information and post-sales support of Holley EFI systems. This success has been created by consistently providing the most personalized sales and technical support available to EFI system customers. provides customers an intuitive and easy purchasing platform, a wealth of technical insight regarding EFI conversions and success, and a direct connection to Holley-certified EFI technicians.

EFI System Pro is a highly efficient, tight-knit team of EFI system sales professionals that guarantee customers a superior purchasing and customer support experience than found anywhere else.

Primary Responsibilities

Every email sent from the desk of the EFI System Pro Sales Specialist concludes with, "Remember, no one is as passionate about or as able to guarantee the success of your EFI project as EFISystemPro.Com!" Therefore, every day is about making this happen.

  • Grow existing accounts by maintaining relationships and educating customers on new developments and product offerings.
  • Formulate customized EFI system and parts list recommendations from a wide range of possibilities into the one that most closely meets the prospects’ scenario and application.
  • Respond to inbound requests for sales support via email and phone, providing customized recommendations and demonstrating the high level of personalized technical support available at EFI System Pro.
  • Convert prospective buyers into customers for life by providing a professional sales experience, exceptional service, and technical expertise.
  • Clearly communicate with the sales support team any specifics of customers’ orders that need consideration, such as resolving backorders and payment processing.
  • Provide technical support to customers during the installation process by answering questions and troubleshooting issues. While no tuning is required, the ability to read data logs to identify and solve issues is essential, as is making custom improvements to customer configuration files to allow their EFI System to work more efficiently.
  • Coordinate sales efforts with the marketing team.
  • Identify new sales opportunities by staying atop industry developments and considering the company’s position within the market.

Being a small, highly-efficient company, employees of CyberAuto will have opportunities to wear many hats and should be willing to learn and participate in any aspect of the company's operation, including order entry, payment processing, purchasing, packaging, shipping, and more. Having a teamwork mentality is a must.

Essential Traits

  • Professional Salesmanship (5+ years Experience)
  • EFI Systems Integration and Troubleshooting (3+ years Experience)
  • Outstanding Written and Oral Communication
  • Customer Support Personality (EFI Coach and Cheerleader)
  • Unimpeachable Integrity

Bonus Skills

  • EFI Tuning Experience
  • Experience with Holley EFI Product Line
  • Social Media and Forum Savvy
  • Bring Energy to Workplace

Salary & Benefits

  • Compensation will be commensurate with skills and experience
  • Salary + Commission ($50,000 - $70,000)
  • SIMPLE IRA plan
  • Paid leave and holidays
  • Job relocation assistance available


  • Palm Bay, Florida (part of Florida's Space Coast, 1 hour from Orlando, 15 minutes from the beach!)
  • While a remotely-located Technical Sales/Inside Sales Specialist might be considered, that would not be the preferred situation. If your availability is only for remote work be sure to make mention of this in your application and we will give that due consideration.

How To Apply

Complete confidentiality assured for all applicants. Apply with confidence.

PLEASE DO NOT CALL! Instead, email a cover letter and resume to [email protected] with subject: Sales Specialist.  In your cover letter, discuss all of the essential traits mentioned above, as well as any bonus skills you may possess that relate to the opportunity. You will receive a confirmation of receipt within 1 business day and a personal response within a week of email.

Thank you for your interest in this opportunity.