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-10% Ignition Harness, HEI GM Small Cap (Updated)

This harness allows users with GM's 1987-1995 small cap HEI rotor to pick up the crank and cam timing directly from the rotor. This not only simplifies installation on these applications by providing an existing timing source, it also allows ECU-controlled ignition timing using the stock coil. Can also be used with the GM small cap HEI rotor and aftermarket CD ignition (such as MSD.) Plugs directly into distributor on one end and to the ignition sub-harness connector on the Holley main harness.


The original version of this harness only provided a direct connection between the ignition sub-harness connector on the main wiring harness and the 4-pin connector on the GM small cap HEI distributor. This left the installer to wire the second, two-pin connector on the distributor. This updated version provides that second two-pin connector, drawing switched 12-volts directly from the ignition sub-harness and providing a long, unterminated lead that can be wired to the ignition box or coil (-) to provide the points trigger. Reference the wiring diagram in the document below, page 13, for more insight.

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Wiring Diagrams for
Holley ECU's and Harnesses
(See page 13.)

Harness TypeIgnition Harness
ApplicationAdapter for GM Small Cap HEI Distributor
Unit of SaleEach

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Ignition Harness, HEI GM Small Cap (Updated)

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