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-10% HP ECU and Harness Kit, Universal MPFI

Holley's HP ECU and Harness Kits are the perfect solution for individuals either converting a factory fuel injected engine to Holley or for those who are building a fuel injected engine with key components that they have sourced separately (intake manifold, throttle body, fuel injectors, etc.) This particular ECU/Harness kit for universal MPFI applcations provides a fall-back solution where no vehicle-specific kit is available, but when a fully terminated harness is desired.

The Bosch Wideband O2 sensor is ideal for applications that will never run racing fuel or be subject to extreme forced induction applications.

Included in this kit are not only the Holley HP ECU but also the ECU power harness, the universal main harness, a v8 harness for fuel injectors with Bosch-style connectors, and an adapter for picking up ignition timing. Additionally, fundamental sensors are included, such as a Bosch or NTK Wideband O2 sensor, a coolant and air temperature sensor, and a 1-BAR MAP sensor. Beyond this, other basic hardware pieces are included, such as connectors, fasteners, firewall grommet, O2 sensor weld-in bung and even a mechanical fuel pump block-off plate for those who require one. The HP ECU is feature-rich, and comes with the required USB cable and PC software for setup and tuning.  Or, if what you really need is the Dominator ECU, we let you upgrade to that--no problem!

Free ECU Setup--Seriously?

For a limited time when you buy one of our Holley HP and ECU Kits we will ship it pre-configured for your basic setup at no additional charge. That means as soon as you get everything installed this should give you the ability to crank the engine--much like the Setup Wizard does on systems like the Sniper or Terminator. Note that this does not include tuning services or setup of things like nitrous control, boost control, transbrake setup, etc. However, whenever you purchase an EFI System from EFI System Pro you get our Level 3 Platinum EFI System Support at no extra charge. We're going to be there to help you be successful with your EFI system installation!

Boost ControlIntegrated (Utilizing at least two I/O Ports.) Control based on time, gear, speend, and/or manual selection. Requires 557-200 Boost Control Solenoid Valve.
Fueling StrategySpeed Density, Alpha-N, or Combination
Internal Datalogging4 GB
Nitrous ControlIntegrated 4 Stage (Utilizing at least two I/O ports.) Progressive control utilizing 554-111 solenoid driver.
User Configurable I/O4 programmable PWM outputs (2 high and 2 low) and 4 fully configurable inputs.
Water-Methanol ControlIntegrated (Utilizing at least two I/O Ports.) Recommend Holley Water-Methanol pump, nozzles, and install kit.
Harness TypePower Harness, Universal Multi-Point Main Harness, V8 Harness for Bosch-Style Injectors, Ignition Adapter
TypeWideband O2 (Bosch), 1 BAR MAP, Oxygen Sensor, Coolant Temperature Sensor
Also IncludedO2 Sensor Bung, Mechanical Fuel Pump Cover Plate
ApplicationFord MPFI V8
Emission Code3
Unit of SaleKit

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HP ECU and Harness Kit, Universal MPFI

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