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-10% Sniper 340 LPH Fuel Pump Module 1985-1997 Mustang

This high-performance OE-replacement fuel tank module is a game-changing EFI fuel pump solution for owners of 85-97 Ford Mustangs. This reliable, easy-to-install module drops right into the factory fuel tank in place of the low-volume factory fuel pump.

Now Available in Two Versions!

Select from the following:

  • 340 LPH (Freeflow Rating)
    • Supported NA Horsepower: 700 Gasoline / 500 E85 (60 PSI, 13.5 volts)
    • Supported Turbo Horsepower: 580 Gasoline / 415 E85 (60 PSI, 13.5 volts)
  • 525 LPH (Freeflow Rating)
    • Supported NA Horsepower: 1200 Gasoline / 865 E85 (60 PSI, 13.5 volts)
    • Supported Turbo Horsepower: 995 Gasoline / 620 E85 (60 PSI, 13.5 volts)

Whether you are converting to an aftermarket EFI solution like the Sniper or Terminator X, or if you've simply pumped up the volume on your factory engine/ECU setup to the point where you no longer trust the factory fuel pump, this gives you a reliable, cost-effective solution that will work great. Installation is easy.  Simply remove the factory fuel pump from its place in the top of the fuel tank by removing the lock ring. This module drops right in its place, taking advantage of the built-in fuel baffles that exist in the tank. Lock the module into place with the new lock ring and o-ring gasket that are included in the kit. The factory level sender remains functional and in place.

This pump module works equally well with E-85, ethanol-free gasoline, or anything in-between. The two -6 AN ORB Female fittings in the top of the module give a broad range of easy installation options when used with the appropriate adapter, or choose one of our installation component kits to get everything you need in one kit (Coming Soon!)

A bypass-style fuel pressure regulator will be needed unless you are installing a throttle body with a built in regulator. We recommend the 12-879 or 12-880 Bypass regulators.

Footnote 1: Do not try to use this fuel pump module with the factory fuel lines. The 1/4-inch tube used for the return is far too small to allow a fuel pump of this volume to be regulated down to normal EFI pressures.  The factory 5/16-inch feed tube is normally adequate to use for a return but we recommend 3/8-inch hose or tube.  The installation component kit above includes 20 feet of 3/8-inch Earls Vapor Guard Hose, Wix 10 Micron filter, EFI hose Clamps, and adapters, fittings for both the -6 ORB Female fittings that are on this module and the -6 AN Male fittings that are on many EFI Systems.

Footnote 2: Holley claims that this fuel pump module fits Mustangs back to 1983. That could be the case but our experience is that at least some of the 83-84 Mustangs used an inline fuel pump and we're not sure if the pickup in those tanks was compatible with this module. Some homework is in order if you are hoping to use this on an Mustang built before December 1984.

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Installation Instructions
Holley Sniper 85-97 Mustang Fuel Tank Module

Fluid Fittings
Outlet Size6AN Female O-Ring Boss
Return Size6AN Female O-Ring Boss
Fuel Pumps
Flow Rate (LPH)340LPH @ 0 PSI
Fuel TypeGasoline/E85 compatible
Spark Plug Wires
Fitmentup to 700 EFI or 900 Carbureted horsepower (HP Rating @ 60 PSI at 13.5 Volts / 10.4 AMP Draw)
Application1983-1997 Mustang
Material6061-T6 Aluminum black anodized

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Sniper 340 LPH Fuel Pump Module 1985-1997 Mustang

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