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-10% Billet Fixed-Pressure EFI Regulator

We didn't see these regulators until Holley started using them on their Crossover Hose Kit With Fuel Pressure Regulator for Stealth Throttle Body. But as soon as we did our heads were swimming with the possibilities for this compact fixed-pressure regulator.

A few won't be drawn to this regulator. It has no boost/vacuum reference, so if you're injecting fuel into a pressurized throttle body or manifold then this is not your choice. This regulator is going to be specifically targeted at EFI systems that don't inject fuel into boost or vacuum (like the Sniper and Terminator X throttle-body EFI Systems.) And if you need your fuel pressure adjusted to something other than the pre-set 59.5 PSI this one provides, you'll have to keep looking.

If you're still reading then let me tell you what makes this so impressive.

Flexibility. So you see that this has two inlet/outlet ports in addition to the return line. But on closer inspection you'll find that it has a third I/O port. And included is a plug. That means you can run this before the fuel rail and feed either one or two sets of injectors / throttle bodies / fuel rails. Or remove one of the I/O ports and use the extra plug and run this after the fuel system. Don't like the orientation of the return to the I/O ports? No big deal, just disassemble it and re-orient the top to the bottom. Too easy!

Lightweight, Compact: Machined 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum makes this thing small and light. So it will fit just about anywhere. And it looks good doing it.

Fuel Flow: Holley says this gem will support fuel flow from pumps flowing as much as 110 GPH / 525 LPH of fuel. Yowza! Our comfort level starts to tighten up a bit at the prospects of flowing much more than about 450 LPH through -6 plumbing, but suffice it to say that you can throw this on 1200 HP naturally aspirated and be confident that it will do the job. (Though well before that point we're going to be feeding it with a -8 AN fuel line.)

Complete: Virtually all of Holley's fuel pressure regulators have O-Ring Boss Fuel Ports only, which invariably means you'll be buying adapters. Not only does this regulator have an ample set of fittings, it includes an extra plug in the event you don't need one of the adapters. Nice!

Not Sure? Review this product documentation before you buy!

Installation Instructions
Holley Billet Fixed Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fluid Fittings
Fittings IncludedThree -6 AN Male Adapters and two -6 AN ORB Plug
Inlet Size3x -6AN O-Ring Boss I/O Ports (Two with -6 AN Male Adapters, one plugged)
Return Size-6AN O-Ring Boss I/O Port with -6 AN Male Adapters
Fuel Pressure Regulators
Pressure RangeF59.5 PSI Fixed
StyleReturn Type
ColorBlack Anodized
Material6061-T6 Billet Aluminum
OEM ReplacementNo
Unit of SaleEach

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Billet Fixed-Pressure EFI Regulator

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