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New -10% Fuel Injector Development 1000 cc/min Fuel Injector (Each)

You're about to experience the easiest fuel injector purchase ever!

There is SO much to know when buying fuel injectors. Even after you've figured out the flow you need to support your target horsepower, you're still not out of the woods yet. You need to make sure you get the right length between o-rings, the correct top o-ring, the correct bottom o-ring, and the right electrical connector. And if you need a specific spray tip there's even more. Yikes!

But buying fuel injectors from us at EFI System Pro is different. If you're not a fuel injector pro that's okay because that's our job. As long as you know the engine you're putting these in and you've done the math to calculate your fuel flow requirements, we'll handle the rest. And even if you don't know how to calculate your flow requirements, just contact us and tell us what you're trying to do and we'll do the math for you. It's that easy!

What about off-time data?

Hey, we know that any high-end EFI system is going to require the off-time data for the injectors you are using so that it can precisely calculate the injector pulse. So while some folks will just sell you and injector and tell you "Good Luck" on finding that data, all Fuel Injection Development fuel injectors include a data sheet showing off-time for the range of voltages your injectors might experience. Just transfer that into your EFI tune. Too easy!

Can I get my Fuel Injector Development fuel injectors flow-matched?

We also know that most fuel injector vendors charge a premium for flow matching. Not Fuel Injector Development. If you buy more than one FID injector at a time you can be assured that the set is flow-matched to +/- 1% (Static Flow) or +/- 1.5% (Dynamic Flow). This guarantees great cylinder-to-cylinder fueling consistency and amazing idle quality. For no extra cost!

What do I put where it says "Describe Your Application"?

Mostly we need to know what engine you have. We can quite literally fit you with injectors for anything from an Audi VR26 24-valve to a Yamaha Apex Snomobile just by knowing that's what you have. So basically, use the text area above to describe any combination of the following. Don't sweat this, if we have any questions we'll ask before shipping.

  • Vehicle make, model, year
  • Engine code (LS1, Coyote, 3S-GTE), displacement, number of valves
  • ECU (Factory, Holley, Haltech)
  • Maximum horsepower goal
  • Fuel type (gasoline, E85, Methano)
  • Boost Level or NA
Fuel Injectors
O-Ring to O-Ring DistanceAvailable in 34mm, 48mm, or 60mm
Electrical ConnectorInjector has native USCAR electrical connector. Will include adapter to your specific connector, as required.
Flow Rate (Lbs / Hr)95 (1000 cc/min)
Intake Manifold BoreAvailable for 11mm, 14mm, or 15mm, as well as application-specific Delphi, Honda, and GTR14 bottom (intake manifold) bore
Fuel Rail BoreAvailable for 11mm or 14mm top (fuel rail) bore
Fuel TypeGasoline, E-85, Methanol
Driver TypeSaturated
ApplicationYours! (Just tell us what you have and we'll get you the right injector)
Emission Code4 - Legal for Racing Use Only
Unit of SaleIndividually

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Fuel Injector Development 1000 cc/min Fuel Injector (Each)

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