Sniper Install: '66 Ford Mustang

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Awesome Customer Ride: Chris McCrossan's '66 Ford Mustang w/Sniper EFI


The team at EFI System Pro is glad to have been along for the ride on this beautiful ‘66 Mustang build powered by the Holley Sniper EFI system. This build is the work of our Awesome Customer and friend, Chris “Jersey” McCrossan of Madison, IL. Chris is a long-time Ford guy, going back to his high school days where he worked on Ford Rangers and his first Mustang, an ‘87 GT 5-speed. In those early days, Chris fell in love with cars as he experimented with nitrous and drag racing in South Jersey. Fast-forward to September of 2019 and Chris’s eyes came across a shell of a car that would become his first Mustang build. The Mustang body only had an OEM suspension, a 289, and a C4. It was simply a primered car that needed bodywork and everything else.


Chris set out to build this ‘66 Mustang into a fun weekend cruiser and occasional grocery grabber and, “Wow” did he do a great job with it in only 7 months.


Chris added an ‘88 5.0 with a block out of a Mustang and a 331 Stroker kit. Thinking that he wanted automatic overdrive and air conditioning, he started looking into EFI systems and heard good things from a friend about Holley’s Sniper EFI system. Looking into the Holley Sniper, Chris ended up on the EFI System Pro website where he learned more about the capability and benefits of the Sniper EFI System. After talking to Chris Myer and the EFI System Pro team, Chris was confident that the Holley Sniper 4150 was the right EFI system for his build.


Along with the Sniper EFI system, Chris went with:



First Start


Holley HyperSpark Distributor

With the Holley Sniper installation complete, Chris turned the key and was blown away that the engine fired right up on the first start. He drove the car for a few weeks, monitoring the system’s performance and soaking in information from other Holley owners through Holley’s forum, Chris decided to learn more about having the car professionally tuned and got in touch with Nick Langen of Mad Science Motorsports.

Based on Nick’s suggestion, Chris decided to add timing control with a Holley HyperSpark distributor. Four tunes later from Nick, and Chris is blown away. He told us, “The system, with the timing control, and being properly tuned, I don’t know if I’ve ever had a better running car.” Chris is getting around 420 horsepower on 91 octane with the Holley Sniper EFI system.


Hear it rip!



Added Benefit of the Holley Sniper EFI System


One of the benefits of the Holley Sniper that Chris points out is the ability to detect little issues that you would not otherwise be able to see without the real-time data being displayed on the EFI handheld display. Early on Chris noticed that every time he drove the car his TPS kept going to 1%, causing his IAC to drop to zero. He was able to figure out that there was a little bit of play in the throttle shaft, so he moved the return spring to have a tighter hold on the throttle body. This fix brought the TPS down to zero and the IAC to 100%. “I would have never found that if I didn’t have the Sniper display showing me what the sensors are reading.”


It has been our pleasure to work with Chris in identifying the right EFI system, components, and tuning suggestions to get the absolute best performance out of his fuel injection system. We are glad to hear that Chris feels the same way about partnering with the team at EFI System Pro.


“Buying my kit from EFI System Pro was the best decision I could have made…The entire team, from ordering, customer relations, to technical support, is beyond anything you’ll get anywhere else. Beyond the kit being a great kit, they made the problems and minor issues that may present themselves just from being new to the entire system, non-existent. Being able to pick up the phone and call and getting someone that answers and is willing to help you and not give a cold shoulder or some other excuse.” - Chris McCrossan


Holley Sniper EFI Tips from Chris McCrossan:

  1. Just Follow the Instructions!

  2. Consult the articles in the EFI System Pro Hangout

Full parts list for this ‘66 Mustang build:

  • 331 Stroker: DSS Fx series forged pistons, Eagle crank, Eagle Rods. 

  • Trickflow FAC 170 heads, Lunati Voodoo 20350711 camshaft, Weiland Stealth intake, Holley Sniper EFI, Holley Sniper Hyperspark, MSD 6al, MSD Superconductor Wires.

  •  Hedman Elite Mid-length headers, Custom bent 2 1/2" X Pipe, 2 Chamber welded mufflers. 

  • 2002 4r70w Trans, with US Shift Quick 4 controller, custom machined remote mount TPS, FTI Street Brawler Converter, and B&M Pro Magnum Stealth shifter. 

  • 3.25 Currie Track Lock Rear, CSRP Power Front Disc conversion, Open Tracker front suspension, Eibach progressive springs, Zray Crossmember, Bilstein Shocks, USCT Hot Rod Torque Boxes, Global West subframes, Global West Rear Reverse Eye Springs with Del A lum bushings. 

  • Holley Retro Fit In-Tank pump.

  • Hipo Gauges, TMI interior recovering, TMI full-length console modified, Kenwood Double Din stereo and Kicker speakers

  • Classic Auto Air Conversion with A/C Heat Defrost

  • American Auto Wire Wiring Harness

Follow Chris on Youtube and Instagram!

Youtube: cturboaddict
Instagram: cturboaddict


Idle / Walk Around



Before and After







More Pictures!




(^^^Chris McCrossan^^^)





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10/28/20, 05:10:22 PM

Great to have car guys, selling car parts! Thanks for the feature on my car! Appreciate being part of the team!

Chris Myer:
11/11/20, 04:22:39 PM

Our privilege--thanks for letting us be a part! :-)

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