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-10% MSD Melonized Bronze Distributor Gear .500-Inch ID

If you want to run one of our Holley Dual-Sync Distributors in your Small- or Big-Block Chevrolet engine that happens to have a billet steel camshaft you have have been advised to change the hardened steel distributor gear out for a melonized gear.  That's good advice.

The gear that comes with the Holley Dual-Sync Distributor is steel and suitable for camshaft materials other than billet steel.  For billet steel camshafts, we offer two options.  This MSD Bronze distributor gear is machined from an aluminum-bronze material with 5% nickel content and Melonite QPQ coating. This combines impressive wear resistance with protection for the wear-resistant billet camshaft.  It is the best choice for solid roller billet steel camshafts, though if you run an bronze allow distributor gear such as this that you not switch back to a melonized iron distributor gear.  Stay with the bronze alloy. Realize that these distributor gears have a life expectancy of about 2000-3000 miles and should be replaced when worn.  These are available in standard 0.500 and 0.506 (oversized.)

For billet steel flat tappet and hydraulic roller camshafts you might instead opt for the MSD 8531 Melonized Iron Distributor Gear.  It is a better choice these camshafts because they don't require quite as soft a material and it therefore has a longer life expectancy.

A tube of break-in lube is included in this kit and should be applied liberally to the gear before the distributor is first installed in the engine.

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MSD Melonized Bronze Distributor Gear .500-Inch ID

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