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-10% Auxiliary Harness, J4 Connector Inputs/Outputs

The Holley Dominator ECU is unique from all of the other Holley ECUs in that it provides a plethora of inputs and outputs that allow you to control virtually any electronic operation on any vehicle. This harness provides plug-and-play access to the Dominator J4 connector, and provides a sufficient length of unterminated wire as well as a connector for a second Wideband O2 sensor.

Here are the signals available on J4:

B1Output #16 (H P+)
B2Output #15 (H P+)
B3Output #11 (G P-)
B4Output #17 (H P+)
B5Output #9 (G P-)
B6Output #6 (G P-)
B7Injector J Output
B8Output #7 (G P-)
B9Output #12 (G P-)
B10Output #18 (H P+)
B11Output #10 (G P-)
B12Output #5 (G P-)
B13Injector K Output
B14EST Ground Output
B15EST I Output
B16EST K Output
B17EST J Output
B18EST L Output
B19Injector L Output
B20EST 12V Output
B21Output #8 (G P-)
B22Output #19 (H P+)
B23Output #20 (H P+)
B24Output #13 (H P+)
B25Output #14 (H P+)
B26Injector I Output

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Wiring Diagrams for
Holley ECU's and Harnesses

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Auxiliary Harness, J4 Connector Inputs/Outputs

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