Terminator, Avenger Kits Ship With 3.5 Inch Touchscreen Display

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Holley has set the EFI world on notice ever since it launched its amazing Holley Avenger fuel injection kits.  Using nothing more than their keyfob-sized display-controller, the installer was able to make the system operational without the need for a laptop or tuning.  Then they introduced the Terminator line of EFI kits, which used the same stalwart handheld controller to setup this line of Throttle Body and LS Engine Swap fuel injection systems--again, all without laptop or tuning. required.

3.5-Inch Touchscreen Display Replaces Original Handheld Controller

This is the original handheld controller for the Holley Avenger and Early Terminator Systems.  Phasing Out. ...And this is the new 3.5-inch Touchscreen Controller that is included.

Well, the engineers at Holley just couldn't leave well-enough alone--the had to make it awesome.  So, without increasing the price of the kits, they have replaced the original handheld controller with this incredible 3.5-inch touchscreen display.  Yes, this thing is bigger-- the 3.35w x 2.85h screen provides nearly 10 times the real estate as the 1-inch display-only screen on the smaller handheld.  But as amazing as that is, it only begins to scratch the surface of what makes the 3.5-inch controller so incredible.

Perform Initial Setup On Avenger And Terminator Systems

Keep in mind that the 3.5-Inch Display is not really new.  It was introduced a bit over a year ago as an add-on for any Holley EFI ECU, priced at about $250.  What is new is that they incorporated the Avenger and Terminator setup wizards so that the smaller handheld controller is no longer necessary.  Just like the handheld, you simply answer a few basic questions about your setup and the 3.5-inch display configures the ECU so that it is initialized with a tune that is going to start the engine and get you on the road.  From that point, the built-in self-learn capability provided by the high accuracy wideband O2 sensor included in both the Avenger and Terminator kit will tune the car as you drive.  Most users find that they never have to do anything more than this to get all of the benefits of electronic fuel injection without the complexities of advanced tuning.

Advanced Tuning--Without Need For A PC!

The great thing about the Avenger and Terminator systems is that they don't require you do have a laptop or even any laptop or tuning experience to get up and running. And we're guessing you like that feature! But sometimes it would be nice to have the ability to tweak the setup a bit without getting into loading software. The new 3.5-Inch display lets you do exactly that. Here is a quick overview of what you can now do:

  • Adjust Hot Engine Idle Speed
  • Adjust Target Air/Fuel Ratio
  • Acceleration Enrichment
  • Fuel Prime Percent
  • Learn Enable/Disable and Learn Speed
  • Ignition Timing at Idle, Cruise, and WOT
  • Fuel Injector Flow
  • Wideband O2 Type Selection
  • Rev Limit
  • ..and nearly anything else you can control with the laptop software

Use the Holley 3.5-Inch Touchscreen Display to set your Rev Limiter Use the Holley 3.5-Inch Touchscreen Display to set Ignition TimingUse the Holley 3.5-Inch Touchscreen Display to set target air-fuel ratio

At some point you're probably wondering why this magnanimous gesture of including such a superior display/controller at no extra cost. It really comes down to the ability to do electronic transmission / Drive-By-Wire control and volume of sales. You see, when Holley introduced the Terminator LS, they really broke the existing mold for entry-level fuel injection systems. That's because they introduced versions that could do electronic transmission control and/or drive-by-wire. That simply wasn't going to work with the old handheld, so they included the new 3.5-inch controller-display for these. And with advancing technology and decreasing price (particularly as the volume of sales increases by including a 3.5-inch in every Avenger and Terminator) it turns out that the price difference was negligible. Holley provided a far-superior product for the same price.

More Than Tuning--Look At The Monitoring Features!

So, we've already discussed that the 3.5-inch touchscreen is a huge win for users because of the nearly 10x larger screen. And we've talked about the leap in tuning capability. But even if you don't need the tuning the 3.5-inch has one more feature that make it a show-stopper: Full color monitoring of virtually anything that the ECU sees. The display comes with a ultra-convenient mounting bezel that allows you to securely mount the display for viewing when you are not using it to tune. Create up to three different dashboard setups from your choice of seven different layouts using your choice of seven different gauge styles. You can use it to monitor any of the following:

  • Any Sensor (Coolant Temp, Throttle Position, RPM, Fuel Pressure, Voltage, Timing, etc)
  • Air/Fuel Ratio: Target AFR, Actual AFR, Compensation, Closed Loop Status, etc)
  • Drive-By-Wire Status: For systems with DBW capability.
  • Electronic Transmission Status: For systems with transmission control capability.

Here is one of literally hundreds of different dash/layout/gauge configurations. You don't have to use gauges to monitor key sensors.  Sometimes textual displays are more efficient.

And More

We're out of room here and we've not really provided a complete picture of what this amazing controller can do. Setup warning notifications on various sensor readings? Check. Create switches for fans, etc and turn them on and off via the touchscreen. Does that. Want to create datalogs on the ECU that you can download and display on the controller? Does that too. Need to up grade the firmware on your ECU? This display can do it. Save a backup copy of your configuration? Sure--just pop an SD card in the included SD card reader! And there's more!

Have The Handheld? Upgrading Is Easy!

So, at this point, maybe you're moping that you were penalized for being an early technology adopter and only have the old handheld controller. Well, we can't undo the past but we can make moving forward less painful. Use coupon code DISPLAY10 to receive 10% off our already-low price on the 3.5 Inch Touchscreen Display. Connect the included harness to ground, switched power, and then plug directly in the CAN bus connector on the main harness. You're all set!

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Louis Ott:
09/25/20, 06:34:03 PM

I have an older Holley EFI probably a Terminator. The throttle body is a 2 barrel unit. This was installed when I bought the car and I have no instructions with it. I use the 3.5" controller. The unit works well as does the controller. My main problem is that I cannot navigate between the various screens on the controller. I can make adjustments but it is only be accident that I find the right screen.Is there an instruction file I can access to lead me through the controller screen setup? Something like a flow chart would be great.Thank youLouis Ott

Chris Myer:
10/6/20, 05:14:01 PM

Louis Ott - Publish and reply: Hi Louis, here is a link to a PDF of the Holley User Manual for the 2300 2 BBL Sniper. Page 37 to 62 covers the use of the handheld screen quite a bit.

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