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Terminator X

Terminator X

Find The Right Terminator X EFI System for You!

Holley has rather broadly applied the Terminator X title to a broad range of different EFI Systems using either the Terminator X or Terminator X-Max ECU. Our goal here is to try to break this down in a way that makes it easy to understand. Let us know how you think we did!  For a more detailed explanation of the differences between the systems listed here, read our Terminator X FAQ, below.

GM LS Engines

Ford Engines

Dodge Engines

Universal Engine Applications*

  • *4, 6, or 8 Cylinder Even-Fire Four Stroke Engine

Components and Upgrades

Terminator X Frequently Asked Questions

Holley's decision to classify a broad range of their EFI systems under the Terminator name does invite confusion.  We try to offer some answers!

Q: What kind of EFI systems are included in Terminator X?

A: Terminator X EFI Systems come with the harnesses and connectors intended to run a multi-point fuel injection (MPFI--one injector per cylinder) on a specific engine.  You can buy these for GM LS and Truck engines, Ford Coyote, Modular, and other V8 engines, as well as for universal applications.  Terminator X Stealth provides the same functionality but adds a 4150 or 4500 throttle body injection for those who choose not to use multi-point fuel injection.

Q: Who should consider buying a Terminator X EFI System?

A: This is a GREAT choice for someone who is swapping one of these newer engines into an older chassis, or who is upgrading a carbureted engine to MPFI or TBI and needs to stay within a budget.  You'll give up some features that are available in a EFI System that uses one of the HP or Dominator ECUs but mostly these are features that only appeal to quite high-end users. Again, consult this chart for details.

Q: Which Terminator X EFI System is right for me?

A: You may have looked in the list above and realized that there are more than one choice that could apply to your situation.  Or the sight of so many choices may simply be making your head swim.  No worries--that's why we're here!  Simply take two minutes and fill out this request for a FREE Personalized EFI System Recommendation. There is no cost or obligation to buy anything. You'll answer a few questions that let us know what you're trying to accomplish. We'll soon reply with a customized recommendation--usually right down to the last hose clamp you'll need to complete the job. Why wait?

Q: What is the difference between Terminator and Terminator X?

A: Holley discontinued the original Terminator line of EFI systems (which used the versatile HP and Dominator ECUs) because they were largely made obsolete by Terminator X  The EFI Systems that fall under the name "Terminator X" include either the Terminator X or Terminator X Max ECU.  This PDF will show you the detailed differences between all four ECU's.

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