Choosing Between Holley Terminator, Avenger, HP, and Dominator

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Which ECU Family is right for me?Holley has made it easy to select just the right engine control unit for your needs. Choose from:



Holley HP: Advanced EFI for Everyman

With the Holley HP ECU, you get the features that have only before been available from the world's most expensive programmable ECU's, but at a price you can afford. How programmable? Control fuel and spark right down to the individual cylinder, if you wish. Datalogging? Up to 2GB onboard. Built-in control for turbo boost, progressive nitrous (up to 4 stages!), and water-methanol injection. Closed-loop fuel control with a Wideband O2 sensor, and self-tuning capability. And if all of that isn't enough, you get 4 programmable inputs and 4 programmable outputs to handle those other events.

Holley HP EFI may be right for you if any of these are true:

  • You are controlling an engine up to 8 cylinders.
  • You need programmable control of fuel and spark.
  • You need control of turbo, nitrous, and/or water/methanol.
  • You need up to 4 user-programmable inputs or outputs.
  • You need datalogging.

Learn more about the Holley HP Fuel Injection System.

Holley Dominator: EFI With Virtually Unlimited Capabilities

Ever wonder what a programmable ECU would be like if they pulled out all of the stops? Then take a look at the Holley Dominator ECU. Did you read all of the amazing features of the HP ECU (above)? It's got all of those for starters. But it can handle up to 10 cylinders, while doing electronic transmission control and drive-by-wire control. Programmable inputs and outputs? They kind of went overboard here. 47 programmable inputs (13x "multi", 30x 0-5vdc, 4x "Speed") and 36 programmable outputs. Need to be able to store multiple calibrations for different tracks or conditions? Go for it--you can store up to four.

Holley Dominator EFI may be right for you if any of these are true:

  • You are controlling an engine up to 10 cylinders.
  • You need electronic transmission control.
  • You need to control drive-by-wire throttle bodies.
  • You need more than four programmable inputs and outputs.
  • You need to be able to store setups for up to four different tracks/conditions/etc.

Learn more about the Holley Dominator Fuel Injection System

Holley Avenger: All-Inclusive EFI for Small- and Big-Block Chevrolet

If you have something other than a small- or big-block Chevrolet engine then you can skip down to the Terminator.

Still with us?  Great--there is much to like about the Avenger line.  Holley puts everything you need in one box with at Holley HP ECU and eliminates the need for a laptop.  There are 2-barrel throttle-body injection units (great if you want to keep your existing intake manifold), and there are multi-point fuel injection systems with either a traditional 4-barrel throttle body or one of the Stealth Ram intakes.  The multi-point fuel injection systems include an intake manifold with fuel rails and eight individual injectors  All Avenger kits include fuel pump, filters, and fuel pressure regulator.

A 4-barrel throttle body injection system has been discontinued in favor of the Holley Terminator EFI (see below.) 

The Avenger systems include a handheld programmer that allows you to answer a few basic questions and then start/run your SBC/BBC with the HP ECU.  Still, since this is a full-featured HP ECU, you have the option of downloading the Holley laptop software, adding a USB cable, and doing whatever tuning you might need, but strictly speaking that should not be necessary.  To re-iterate:  There is no difference between the HP ECU that can be purchased individually and the one that is included in the Avenger kits (though Holley was shipping these wth an Avenger sticker affixed rather than the HP sticker.

The Avenger family is designed for the SBC/BBC performance enthusiast who has been happy with carburetion, but who wants the benefits of fuel injection, without the programming requirements of the more advanced systems. The Holley Avenger features self-tuning technology and an easy-to-use hand-held controller. No need for a laptop computer or learning new software.


Holley Avenger EFI may be right for you if any of these are true:

  • You have a small- or big-block Chevrolet engine
  • You want to avoid software and laptops.
  • You are replacing a 2-barrel Holley Carburetor on your existing manifold, or
  • You want the easiest upgrade path to multi-point fuel injection on your SBC/BBC

Learn more about the Holley Avenger Fuel Injection System.

Holley Terminator EFI: State of the Art in Throttle Body Injection Systems

The Holley Terminator line has two distinct parts which we will address individually. The Terminator EFI is a line of highly advanced throttle-body injection systems that will work on most any engine with an intake manifold that can accept a 4-barrel carburetor.

With the release of Holley's new Sniper EFI, the Terminator EFI is primarily of interest those who need advanced capabilities not supported by the Sniper. This would include, for example, V6 applications, applications that require control of a GM 4L60E or 4L80E transmission, or boosted applications. For more straight-forward applications, the Sniper is usually the preferred solution because it can accomplish much of the same mission at a far lower price point. Future versions of the Sniper may include these features as well, further narrowing the market of interest for the Terminator EFI.

The Holley Terminator EFI is designed for those who don't want to fool around with a laptop or complicated tuning. A beautiful 3.5-inch color display provides a setup wizard that asks you a few basic questions and lets you start the engine. From that point it is self tuning. Now, this only applies to you if you are installing this in certain subset of applications: V8, naturally aspirated for starters. "But wait", you rightly protest, "a paragraph ago you said this could handle other applications. Yes, but not using the setup wizard. For this you will need to download the Holley EFI Laptop software, add a USB cable, and likely incorporate the services of a tuner. But, at least, you have that option.

One other reason to purchase a Terminator TBI system is for the option of incorporating Holley's Double-Pumper-look EFI Throttle body, better known as the Terminator Stealth. This is of interest to an amazingly broad segment of the market who prefer to retain the look of a carburetor while gaining the features of the EFI. Again, this option may become available on a future version of the Sniper as well--stay tuned.

The Terminator EFI utilizes either the HP or the Dominator ECU (although a "Terminator" sticker is usually applied to the ECU itself.) If opting for the standard Terminator (without transmission control), one receives the HP ECU. If you require transmission control for your application, a Dominator ECU is included.


Holley Terminator EFI may be right for you if any of these are true:

  • You have an engine with a 4-barrel carburetor, or
  • You have a factory GM TBI engine.
  • You are not making over 600 HP
  • You are not interested in laptop software or advanced tuning, or
  • You need the advanced capability that cannot be provided by the Sniper EFI (V6, transmission control, etc.)

Learn more about the Holley Terminator EFI Fuel Injection System.

Holley Terminator LS: THE Answer for GM LS Swaps

It doesn't take an industry sage to figure out that swapping a fresh GM LS engine into one's favorite classic car or truck is a booming trend. However, when you install that engine you are going to need to install a computer as well.

You could, of course, scavange a stock GM LS computer and use that. But what if you want more? What if you want tunability? The ability to run dry nitrous and have the ECU add the fuel? That stock ECU is limited, even if you have access to someone who can do custom tuning.

Instead, you might want to consider the Terminator LS. These systems are plug-and-play with GM LS sensors and sub-harnesses. And if you don't have any advanced tuning needs, you can simply use the setup wizard to get up and running. Even if you do need to do advanced tuning, there is almost nothing you can't accomplish simply using the included 3.5-inch handheld touchscreen display.

The Terminator LS is available in a Multi-Point Fuel Injection version (that is plug-and-play with the stock intake manifold and injectors) or a TBI version (if you've found a reason to switch to a carburetor-style intake manifold.



Holley Terminator LS may be right for you if any of these are true:

  • If you have a GM LS engine or a GM Truck Engine produced after 1996, it is unlikely any other Holley option would be preferable--choose one of the Terminator LS Systems!

Learn more about the Holley Terminator LS MPFI and TBI Fuel Injection System.

Join the discussion below or click here to read Chris's other articles on fuel injection!

15 Comment(s)

Sverre Kahrs:
12/3/15, 04:00:43 AM,

Hi Holley says you can only control up to 10 cylinders with the Dominator ECU. You guys say 12 cylinders is come ?Thank youS.Kahrs

Chris Myer:
09/28/16, 06:31:38 PM

Wow--I'm only 9 months late replying. We weren't receiving notifications of questions until today. But maybe better late than never?

Believe it or not, one of the biggest reasons behind any go/no-go decision on an ECU devlopment is the number of inputs and outputs required and the cost/benefit tradeoff. Adding even just two more cylinders increases the number of inputs and outputs required enough that it would significantly increase the cost of the ECU for everyone. When you weigh that out against the number of individuals who might be interested in running 12 cylinders, well, the math just doesn't work out. I hope you find a system that will work for you!

Thommen Maeco:
07/25/21, 11:24:52 AM

Well Mercedes has run in the 90s their M120 V12 like two 6 cylinder, everything was doubled, they shared CTS . If you have a splited intake it shouöd work with two ECUs. The car was able to run with a broken down cylinder bank. Dont lets talk about costs. If you have to afford 6 Weber carbs, tune them with a ton of jets, emulsion pipes and airbleeds.... Greatings Marco

John Toichbn:
01/11/16, 03:28:26 PM

/Users/johntoich/Desktop/IMG_3363.jpg Good Afternoon I need a wiring harness for a Stealth STYLE manifold connecting a Terminator or Avenger ECU with hand held. Don't own a PC lap top. I like the HP but hand held is a expensive add on, even the small one. It all adds up.Or is that a better option?? The afore mentioned ECUs look like they will work for me and if I need more in-depth tuning Im going to have to hanging out at Best Buys with my hood up, LOL... I have a friend tuning a 950 but he isn't always there when I need him . So self tuning and hand held is what i THINK need . . Im interested in what you think . I have everything from a LT1 including the throttle body. Im planning on going to a Vortex throttler body when i get around to making a new plutonium. Read someone HERE, this sight, about them all being FLASHED (?) the same ? Thanks John Toich

Chris Myer:
09/28/16, 06:36:06 PM

Thanks for writing, John. This blog post is absolutely overdue for an update! Since you posted this question, Holley has released their Sniper EFI system. I think that this is going to be a better option for you. Have a look: Sniper EFI

10/4/16, 12:04:49 PM

I have a LS2 GTO base motor. When I had it stroked the engine builder put a 58 reluctor wheel instead of a 24. I then had to start running a convertor box to fix the issue. If I switch from stock PCM can I ditch the convertor box with having the 58 reluctor wheel still?

Chris Myer:
10/4/16, 04:06:12 PM

Good question, Jordan! Yes, you absolutely can ditch the converter box if you switch to a Holley EFI solution.

The various Terminator LS kits all come with harnesses that allow them to be direct-connected to the particular version of LS you have. The different versions use a different connector. When you are ready to buy, work with one of our sales technicians to ensure that you get the Terminator LS with the correct harness for your engine.

Note that it is entirely possible that you might have to do a custom setup change that goes beyond what is normally indicated in the Setup Wizard. This would be fairly trivial, however, and (again) one of our technicians can talk you through that process. Just reach out when you're ready to buy!

12/1/16, 09:37:05 PM

What is the difference between the terminator LS and dominator ecu's?

Chris Myer:
12/2/16, 12:40:49 PM

Your question was motivation for me to take a re-look at this article and I thought, Wow, this really needs to be updated--so I did! But, in short, Holley currently only makes two stand-alone ECUs. Let's call them The Bigger One and The Smaller One. The hardware and even the firmware in these two boxes are virtually identical--it is the number of connectors (and, thereby, the number of inputs and outputs) that make the difference.)

The smaller ECU has two connectors for the main wiring harness. This gives enough pins to do an amazing amount of engine control. It can drive 8 cylinders. I can read a single O2 sensor. It has four programmable inputs and outputs.

The smaller ECU is marketed as the HP, the Avenger, and also as the Terminator without electronic transmission control. At one point the ECU in each of these had it's own sticker but the ECU itself is the same.

The larger ECU has six connectors. Three times as many connectors and nearly as many times more pins. This lets an already impressive ECU become, well, dominating (sorry--I couldn't resist.)

These additional connections allow the bigger ECU to do things like control up to 10 cylinders. do electronic transmission control, do drive-by-wire throttle control, run a second wideband O2 sensor, and offer a staggering number of inputs and outputs. Oh, and you get to store and switch between up to four different tunes. One for the track, one for the street, one for your friends, one for your kid. Or whatever.

The bigger ECU is marketed as the Dominator and as the Terminator with transmission and/or drive-by-wire control.

Sorry for the long answer but I wanted to answer as thoroughly as possible!

08/30/17, 12:15:27 AM

Sorry if this is somewhat rhetorical, but the terminator with trans-control is essentially a Dominator EFI ecu? So it can use the additional harnesses and do boost-control and 50+ inputs?

Chris Myer:
09/1/17, 05:01:41 PM

That is a good point, Jake. Any Terminator EFI System that can control electronic transmissions or drive-by-wire throttles is using a Dominator ECU. That ECU can work with any accessory that is suited for an HP or Dominator ECU, and those accessories that are exclusively for use with the Dominator ECU. This includes the Holley EFI 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid Valve and the J2A, J2B, J3, and J4 Connector I/O Harness Kits

01/27/18, 07:00:00 AM

I have a 4 bolt main 350 chevy which has been stroked to 383. I have Edelbrock heads and intake. I would like to go EFI. Which system would be best. Ash.

Chris Myer:
01/29/18, 03:30:57 PM

It depends on a few things but let me sort of work bottom-up for you.

You don't mention if the intake is an EFI intake or if it is carbureted. If we start by assuming that it is built for a carburetor, you should really consider going with the Holley Sniper EFI System. It will be a direct bolt-on, supports just over 600 HP and is far and away the most cost-effective EFI system in Holley's arsenal. We've supported the installation on hundreds of these and they are great.

If you would prefer to have a throttle body that looks more precisely like a Holley double-pumper carburetor, or if you need to control an electronically-controllable transmission then the Terminator EFI System would be a good choice. An additional benefit of the Terminator is that it can do ignition control using the GM small-cap HEI ignition. Also, at the time of this writing, the Terminator is the most practical choice if you want to do a dual-quad throttle body setup.

If, on the other hand, your intake manifold is an EFI manifold, then opt for one of the Holley HP ECU and Harness Kits. These do not include a touch-screen handheld with a setup wizard, but we will configure it to your specifications before we ship it so you don't need no stinkin' wizard. Who else does that?

The HP ECU is really advanced but if you need any of the features that are only available on the Dominator, then that option is available as well. Not only will we configure it for you (just like we do on the HP ECU) but we will also "kit" it for you just like the HP ECU's--we just swap out the HP ECU for the Dominator ECU and charge the difference. This is a good way to go if you want a custom EFI system with electronic transmission control. Just select the right HP ECU and harness kit, request the Dominator upgrade, and then add on the appropriate transmission harness.

Eduardo Pires:
04/20/18, 06:55:37 AM

I've a few questions. I saw the dual quad terminator you offer, and I was trying to determine what ECU I'd need. I'm finishing to build a 572ci HEMI with a tunnel ram and after some reading I start to think to go the EFI route instead of the two dominators I'd planned.

Based on what you are saying here the terminator wouldn't work for me, as it is rated for 600hp, assuming two would be able to handle 1200hp (should be around what I need), I could not use E85 for fuel. Do you think the dominator EFI would handle it? could it handle E85 or methanol? I believe it would be able to handle a blower (I might want to use one in the future).

I'm trying to find something that I can use as well for the future, and don't need to change all the time.

Chris Myer:
04/24/18, 01:44:10 PM

I think that the Dual Quad Terminator would be a great choice for you. Let me explain why.

First, I do need to point out that I feel 600 HP on one of the Terminator throttle bodies is reaching a bit, even on a naturally aspirated engine. The four 80-pound injectors are going to flow enough fuel for about 520 HP (conservatively), though on a particularly well tuned installation with the duty cycle maxed out you might be able to get the full 600 HP that Holley suggests.

That said, yes, if you double the throttle bodies you double the supported horsepower. So even in an extremely conservative scenario, 1050 HP is no stretch with the dual-quad setup. Further, we offer a 205-pound injector upgrade for the Terminator throttle body, so upgrading a dual-quad setup for those puts you in a position to feed somewhere in the 2400 HP (NA) or 1940 HP (Boosted) ballpark, which is probably enough for any blower scenario you might cook up.. Even on E85 this combination would support around 1400 HP on boost.

Fueling aside, yes, the Terminator uses either the Holley HP ECU (non-transmission control versions) or the Dominator ECU (for those kits that do transmission control.) That means this system will be able to handle pretty much anything you throw at it.

Martin villemure:
01/11/19, 06:34:10 PM

I am building a 68 Shelby. I will install a Ford racing 302 engine M-6007-x2302 (340hp). In addition, I have a Paxton supercharger from Paradise wheel (original from 68). It had a bonnet (the carburetor is enclosed). What EFI carburetor would you recommend for this application? Are we sure your carburetor will work inside an enclosed bonnet?

Chris Myer:
01/22/19, 06:38:58 PM

Your desription allows for a broad range of solutions from nearly every category of the article above. If we can presume that the bonnet you describe will fit most standard 4-bble carburetors then that would be the only limitation. That being the case, we could use a throttle body injection system like the Sniper EFI System or Terminator EFI System, or even a Multi-Poin Fuel Injection System incorporating the Holley HP or Dominator ECU and a 4-barrel style throttle body.

Without turning this into another lenthy article in-and-of itself, my general advice is to go with the Sniper EFI System if that will meet your requirements (and there is nothing in your description above that indicates it won't.) There are a broad range of capabilities that the Terminator throttle-body or HP or Dominator MPFI systems provide, but those come with a significant premium in price.

based on your horsepower goals I think that you would be fine with the standard 4-injector Sniper. There is no specific need for a Super Sniper since you are going with a blow-through setup and don't need an external MAP sensor. While a boost-referenced external fuel pressure regulator is normally recommended for boosted Sniper EFI Systems, even that is not absolutely necessary if you are keeping the boost levels below the 7 pound mark. However, it is a good investment even at lower boost levels.

But, as I indicated above, the sky is the limit. You could easily put an 8-injector Super Sniper on your 302 and get the added benefit of the additonal inputs and extra fueling capacity. The Terminator adds even greater reliability and can control ignition timing via the Ford TFI lignition, and provides a greater airflow capacity (though the injectors are actually smaller and require a rather expensive upgrade if heading north of 500 boosted HP.) And things can really get powerful if you opt for an MPFI system based on the HP ECU, or go for the Dominator if you wanted to control a Ford 4R70W/4R75W transmission, or run dual O2 sensors, or any of the other things that are unique to that top-end ECU.

Quinton Vlotman:
01/22/19, 03:39:10 AM, [email protected]

I'm busy with a project need info. I'm going for 420HP Small Block Chevy Crate Engine, GM TH350 Transmission. I want to go with EFI. What do i need extra to run this system.

Chris Myer:
01/22/19, 07:19:14 PM

Just like Martin in his immediately-previous comment, you are going to be hard-pressed to beat the Sniper EFI System for the rather straight-forward requirements you have listed. It is simply going to be the best answer provided you aren't trying to do something it can't handle--and you certainly don't describe anything that it can't do very well. Give that a try!

David Siefker:
02/15/19, 02:19:33 PM

I have a 1990 454ss 7.4l GMTBI. I want to go to Holley 4 barel tbi. I have MSD 6al and distributor. The engine is now a 496 stroker and isn’t able to run at full potential due to the factory fuel injection set up. I am rebuilding the engine with a horsepower goal of 650/700. I am also running the stock th400 transmission,which is electronically controlled. Which system would you recommend sniper or terminator?

Chris Myer:
03/4/19, 12:39:32 PM

This is the kind of question I really enjoy. But, if you are reading this and have a similar question and are ready to buy then Contact Us and get in touch with me rather than posting here and waiting for a reply. I try to stay caught up on my responses here as best as I can but I can and do get behind occasionally and would hate to miss the opportunity to work with you.

To the question, there are several ways to go. The Sniper would be a great choice does not have facilities to control an electronically-shifted transmission like the 4L80E. There are a couple of ways around this ranging from stand-alone controllers to swapping the transmission. If nothing more than an electronic kickdown signal is required I have done this with the Sniper's existing output capability. If you do go with the Sniper then the 700 HP target you have set for yourself pretty much dictates the use of the 8-injector Super Sniper.

If you must control an electronic transmission and want to stay with a throttle body injection system then the Terminator EFI System is the way to go. However, this is going to be a good bit more expensive, not only because you are going to have to opt for one of the systems that includes the more expensive Dominator ECU but also because your horsepower requirements are going to mandate that you go with the additional expense of the Terminator Injector Upgrade option.

And, of course, you could always make the jump to a Holley multi-point fuel injection system. That is my recommendation. After all, you're certainly going to put a new intake manifold on there as part of your engine rebuild and a good MPFI intake is really no more expensive than a carburetor manifold. We can put you into an ECU and harness kit, add a throttle body, and have you set up with an EFI system that imposes no limitations on your future.

However, as I mentioned at the top, don't try to figure this out on your own. I love to get called in to engineer a system from scratch that will meet my customer's requirements. I hope to hear from you soon!

02/16/19, 06:44:36 PM,

Does the terminator offer 8 cyl sequential fuel and spark like the dominator does, since it is the same ecu?

Chris Myer:
03/4/19, 01:56:39 PM

This is a little bit tricky to answer so I'll try to do so without being confusing. Let me start by clarifying that the ECU that is included in the Terminator system does not have a bearing on the answer, so set aside the issue of whether an HP or Dominator ECU is used.

Terminator LS systems that do not include a throttle body are all designed to provide sequential fuel and coil-per-plug spark without a distributor using the crank and cam sensors and coils that came on the engine from the factory.

Terminator LS systems that do include a TBI throttle body can also do coil-per-plug ignition using the factory components. But, of course, sequential fuel injection does not apply to these throttle-body injection EFI systems.

Terminator EFI systems all include a TBI throttle body so, again, sequential fuel injection doesn't really apply to these either. These systems can control coil-per-plug ignition but require both a crank and cam sensor as well as coils.

It is important to note that early versions of the Terminator EFI Systems didn't include a cam sensor wire in the main harness, so that would need to be added to do coil-per-plug ignition. Some even did not include a white points output wire so that must be added in some cases. I've had customers who wanted to upgrade to these features and we are able to do the harness upgrades for them.

Florian Herold:
04/6/19, 04:05:31 PM

I have a 454 stroked to 500 Chevy Mark IV in a 73 Corvette with a manual 4 SPD. 6AL Ignition and distributor which I want to control with the ECU. The motor makes 550HP and 650 torque.

Sniper or Terminator?

Ignition control is important.

Chris Myer:
04/14/19, 07:28:27 PM

A would give the nod to the Sniper EFI System. Both are excellent, and I think that either one would do what you want. But at 550HP you are right against the maximum HP that the Terminator EFI System can support without stepping up to the upgraded injectors. Since it is already quite a bit more expensive than the Sniper that is probably going to tilt the scales in favor of the Sniper.

Either one will do a great job of controlling the ignition. If you are content using a small cap GM HEI distributor then the Terminator can control that by adding a simple adapter harness. But the fact remains that you can buy the Sniper EFI System and add a HyperSpark distributor for less than you're going to pay for a Terminator EFI System.

Since it seems that the ignition is of particular importance to you, be sure to read this article I wrote that goes into detail comparing the Sniper and Terminator ignition control capabilities. That may prove more convincing than anything.

John Rodko:
04/8/19, 06:52:39 PM

Will the Dominator operate dual DBW throttle bodies? For example, if I were to use the Holley dual plenum intake ( turbos too )

Chris Myer:
04/14/19, 08:10:25 PM

Absolutely--as long as a DBW harness is available for it. At this time I am aware of dual DBW harness for both the GM and Chrysler Hemi Dual DBW setups.

joshua Baertschiger:
10/16/19, 01:50:45 AM

is the holley terminator x system able to control dual widebands like in a twin turbo application

AJ Ramos:
10/29/19, 05:55:32 PM

Great question, Joshua. Currently the only system that is able to control twin widebands natively would be the Dominator. You do have the option of adding a wideband controller to any of the other ECU's as long as it provides a 5-volt analog output--then you can just read it as a custom 0-5V sensor. There is a great resource comparing the different Holly HP ECU, Dominator ECU, Terminator X ECU, and Terminator X-max ECU's Here.

07/17/20, 12:12:03 PM

What is the difference with the Terminator with trans controls and the Terminator XMax system?

Chris Myer:
09/8/20, 04:49:28 PM

Nothing, really. There are other differences not related to the transmission. Be sure to read this PDF that does a side-by-side comparison of the different ECU's.

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