Holley EFI's New Analog Gauges Hit The Street!

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3-Gauge Cluster of Holley EFI Analog-Display Gauges


Ok, I know I sometimes get a bit over-excited about the Holley EFI line, but this is a perfect example of what sets Holley EFI so far apart from their would-be competitors.  They absolutely did things right on these new gauges.  Building on their CAN-bus technology, you only need to install a single CAN-bus module to drive the first gauge, and then you can daisy-chain together as many of these gauges as you'd like.  They even offer an 8-gauge power harness that will allow you to click-connect as many as 8 gauges to power with the hookup of a single power source.  It just doesn't get any easier.

Quick Look

Above you see the gorgeous good looks of these new gauges but let me tell you a bit more about what you're looking at.  Not only does this have a warning LED, you get to set the warning switch-on point to whatever level is right for you.  When the warning LED displays, just use the convenient reset button built right into the face to turn it off.  Too easy.  A full 270-degree sweep allows these gauges to provide very precise readings, and the integrated high-torque internal stepper motor ensures that you don't get gauge flutter under track and offroad conditions.  These aren't just some flimsy street gauges--they are built for racing.

Profile View of Holley EFI Analog-Display Gauge8-Gauge Analog Gauge Wiring HarnessHolley EFI Analog Gauge Can Bus Module

Spin Locks

Let's take a look behind the gauge and you can see quite a bit more.  One thing I really like is the threaded body with spin lock.  If you've ever tried to install a typical gauge, reaching blindly way up in the back of the dashboard, you know how much better this is going to be than trying to use that little aluminum U-Bracket with two screw holes and then trying to get the washers and nuts in place, much less tightend.  Ridiculous!  This puts all that behind you.  Just slip the gauge through the hole in the front of the dash and snugly tighten the spin lock behind.  Done!

Power Wiring

Also in this profile image you see the wiring.  Power and a plug-in data-bus connection.  Let's look at those in a bit more detail.  The black, red and white wire you see connected to the back of the gauge provides ground, power, and night-time brightness setting for the warning LED.  If you are only going to connect a single gauge, you can either just cut the connector off and wire to power, ground, and your headlight relay, or if you need more length the offer a 3-foot extension that allows you to just connect-on to three more feet of wire.

But Holley realizes you probably want more than one gauge and that you don't need to make more than one powerconnection.  So they offer this really handy 8-connector harness.  Make a single secure connection and then connect up to eight analog-display gauges with click-connects.  Nice!

Data Wiring: The CAN Bus

But what about the signal?  That is sent through the CAN Bus.  And for the first gauge you install, you will need to purchase and install the CAN bus module you see to the above.  This is not an unterminated connector.  If you look closely, you will note that there are two pins pre-crimped to the end of the wires.  All you do is remove the main wiring harness from your Holley EFI ECU, press these pins into the back of the connector at the specified pin locations, and then plug the connector back into the ECU.  On the other end, you plug that phono-jack into the first gauge.  At this point, that gauge is connected!  Each gauge comes with a 6-inch daisy chain cable and a second phono-jack connector.  After you connect the first gauge you plug one end of the phono-jack into the first gauge, the other into the second gauge.  Repeat for as many gauges as you have.  Did I tell you this was easy or what?

Holley EFI Analog-Display Gauge Bold Black BezelHolley EFI Analog-Display Gauge Silver BezelsHolley EFI Analog-Display Gauge Bold Silver Bezels

Fit and Finish

As I said at the top, Holley took no shortcuts in making a great gauge.  And part of making a great gauge includes offering a nice assorment of bezels for various tastes.  All of the gauges come with the standard black bezel.  Holley was thinking of their distributors here.  You can imagine the cost of stocking adequate supply of eight different gauges.  Now stock that in four different bezels!  But this works out for the end user too because not only can you get your choice of black or silver bezel (which is fairly common), you can choose between a standard bezel and their "bold" bezel, which gives your dash a bit more of a 3-dimensional look.  Or keep your friends guessing and swap them out from time to time.  It's super-easy because these bezels are threaded--just unscrew the old and screw-on the new.  Like I keep telling you--no shortcuts!

ECU Compatibility

As I first started going over this, I noted that it said these gauges would be compatible with all of Holley's ECU's--including the hotly anticipated Sniper EFI System. At that point I had my doubts--isn't the Sniper shooting for the entry-level market? Are they really going to add a CAN bus interface to these? I contacted my bud Rufus C. at Holley and he said, "Absolutely". In fact, the Sniper it going to be of a similar caliber to the HP and Dominator ECUs, and it's throttle body flows more than anything close to it on the market. If you've not checked out the new product announcement on the Sniper, be sure to do that too.


Hey, I never claimed to be completely unbiased so make your own judgements. On the other hand, after nearly 30 years in the industry I do know a quality product when I see it. Holley EFI has impressed me since day one, but the thing that blows me away about the launch of these new Analog gauges, as well as with the Sniper system, is that they are not just dumping more product on the market--which they easily could. They are actually building on what is already a superior product and raising the bar on the competition. I can't wait to see what is next.

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