Holley Sniper EFI--Look, No ECU or Wiring Harness!

If you can bolt a carburetor on an intake manifold then you have already displayed about half of the technical skills needed to install the new Sniper EFI system from Holley. Imagine--hard starts, hesitations, vapor lock and flooding are all replaced by EFI reliability at a cost not much above a high-end carburetor!

You see, Holley has done away with the ECU box entirely! The new Sniper family of Throttle Body EFI systems incorporates the ECU right into the throttle body. The benefit is obvious to most folks but allow us to elaborate. With the ECU built into the throttle body injection unit, there is really no need for a harness, in the traditional sense. Nearly all of the sensors are built into the throttle body, so all you have to do is add a few basic connections (like power, and plug in the wideband O2 sensor and a timing signal) and you're in business!

Feature Rich

But don't think that you're getting short-changed. Holley engineers were tasked with producing a system that would have virtually all of the features of the Avenger and HP kits--and they have accomplished just that. Want to add some of Holley's beautiful analog-display gauges? You can. Need advanced tuning capabilities? The included 2.5-inch touchscreen display can do that. This isn't just a good place to start your EFI adventure--the Sniper will support whateveryour hot rod goals may be in the future.

Installation Information

We have written a couple of articles regarding the Holley Sniper in our Holley EFI University and we've answered a ton of your questions there. Be sure to check that out!

Available with Fuel System Master Kit

Most folks who are installing a Sniper are upgrading from a carburetor--meaning they are also going to have to upgrade their fuel pump and hoses. Nobody wants to hassle around with finding all that stuff so Holley makes it easy. Simply order your Sniper kit with the Master Kit option. This convenient kit gives you exactly what you will need to swap out your mechanical fuel pump for a high-performance Walbro 255 LPH inline fuel pump. It includes the pump, Earls Vapor Guard EFI hose, filters, fittings, clamps--even a return port for your fuel tank!

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Sniper EFI Self-Tuning Kit - Shiny Finish

Ok, so tell me more about Sniper EFI This should erase all doubts you had about EFI! Whet..

$1,111.95 $999.95

Sniper EFI Self-Tuning Kit - Black Ceramic Finish

Ok, so tell me more about Sniper EFI This should erase all doubts you had about EFI! Whet..

$1,111.95 $999.95

CAN-To-USB Dongle

This nifty dongle lets you plug your laptop into the Holley CAN bus. This allows laptop programming..

$55.49 $49.95